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Virtual Storage

Virtual storage


HC Super Fusion All-in-One

The HC hyper-converged all-in-one machine provides you with a highly integrated solution that can be combined with the virtualization hypervisors of various manufacturers without the need to purchase external storage resources separately. It provides high-performance storage services by integrating internal disks and Flash/SSD, simplifying Storage and application management meet the needs of larger virtualized clusters and VDI environments.


Computing platform

The communication interface adopts the standard communication protocol, and the product compatibility is good;

The data transmission of various communication interfaces is encrypted throughout the entire process to ensure data security in the communication process;

The product supports mainstream operating systems and platforms, as well as domestic operating systems and domestic platforms;

The product supports customized development to meet the customized needs of customers' application scenarios.

Storage layer

The HC converged architecture uses an open virtualization platform to "pool" several sets of storage devices and increase the capacity utilization rate to 100%.

Thin provisioning technology, automatic storage tiering, dynamic space reclamation and expansion, load balancing, QOS and other strategies, compared to other vendors as a cache accelerated use, can effectively improve resource utilization and purchasing power.

Network layer

The internal virtual machine can completely rely on the network virtualization solution provided by server virtualization to improve the utilization of server resources. Of course, you can also use more efficient external physical network equipment according to the recommendations of the virtualization server manufacturer.

The storage network can communicate via the 1/10Gb Ethernet adapter of the virtualized server itself and the 4/8/16Gb fiber optic adapter for loopback communication. There is no manufacturer restriction, and there is no need to purchase additional storage switches for small environments.


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