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Privacy computing


RongAn Privacy Gateway

With the in-depth development of the digital economy, data, as a key production factor, must be circulated and used among different entities. In response to the security needs of data cross-border applications, Rongan China has innovatively launched the "Rongan Privacy Gateway" (referred to as privacy gateway) security device. Built-in multi-party secure computing, federated learning two computing engines, integrated software components such as secret sharing, obfuscated circuits, homomorphic encryption, privacy intercourse, and basic systems such as domestic commercial cryptographic chips, customized systems, etc., without revealing the original data , Analyze and calculate data to ensure that sensitive data is "available and not visible" and "open and not shared" in all aspects of the entire data circulation process such as storage, calculation, application, and destruction.


  • The privacy rule engine data user protects the business rules from leaking, and the data provider protects the original data from leaking. Both parties configure personalized tags for the data and support open flame conversion of the expert rules;
  • Original privacy and confidentiality method, self-estimate the privacy of the calculation process and calculation cost, which is convenient for managers to calculate the plan and realize the selection and management of sensitive data;
  • The security of software and hardware is built through the security chip, and the access authority protects the identity of the data user and prevents unauthorized access to the data; security management protects all kinds of communication and calculation keys to avoid privacy leakage; privacy calculations cannot be calculated; communication protects communication data Security, marginal attacks;
  • Built-in a variety of commonly used privacy operators, drag-and-drop design, build simple business processes; support multiple deployment methods such as dedicated hardware, virtual machines, Docker, etc., which can adapt to different scenarios.

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